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Tapered fit

799 kr

At Lindbergh, we have an exclusive selection of jeans in the most classic colours and cuts

The most popular colours for jeans are typically blue, grey or black. These are all easy to match with other colours, making them super easy and versatile. Both black and dark blue jeans are a must in every men’s wardrobe.

Our Lindbergh jeans are produced with a focus on good quality, amazing comfort as well as great design. We strive to have a selection of jeans that follows the current trends while still remaining timeless. Detailing such as fading, distressed effects, and deep colour tones are some of the key elements in the design of Lindbergh jeans.


Find your fitting
Our preferred fittings are part of what makes our jeans cool and contemporary. Instead of having lots of different fittings, we stick to the ones we know will work – and the ones that are in line with our design vision. The bestselling, and most flattering, fit is our Tapered fit. This will look great on most body types while being appropriate for both the office and a night out. The Tapered fit is characterised by becoming slimmer from the knees towards the ankles, while maintaining a regular fit on top.

If you prefer a tighter fitting, remember to consider whether it will suit you and whether it will be appropriate for your lifestyle. Slim and Skinny fit jeans are great for parties and can also be worn at the office if the dress code is not too formal. Of the two, Skinny fit is the tightest, so make sure you get these with lots of stretch.

If you are not sure which fitting or which size to choose, feel free to consult our size guide. If you need additional information, our customer service team is available to help.


The perfect jeans
Most of our jeans are made with a certain amount of stretch, as most men these days prefer the freedom of movement this provides. If you also like having fitted jeans that still let you move as you wish, you have to try our Superflex jeans. With extra stretch for ultimate comfort, these jeans will keep their shape even after many washes, and will fit snugly without feeling constrained. As with our other jeans, our Superflex jeans are all made in a timeless design.

Get your jeans online
Founds your perfect jeans? Don’t hesitate to buy them! Buying jeans online from Lindbergh gives you several benefits – we offer free shipping on orders above €49, fast delivery, and 365 days return.