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Lindbergh Blue

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Leather jacket made of 100% suede. The jacket is a light brown and has two side pockets as well as two inside pockets, all of which have zippers. There are ribbed edges on the collar and two buttons by the sleeve.

Colours:  Brown / BROWN

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About the product

About Lindbergh Blue


  • Made of 100% suede.
  • Closes with zipper.
  • Two side pockets with zippers.
  • Ribbed edge at the collar.
  • Buttons at the bottom of the sleeves.


  • Slim fit.
  • Tight fit, which accentuates the body.

The Lindbergh brand is inspired by Charles Augustus Lindbergh, who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic without stops. His accomplishment inspired the brand to create clothing which is durable and which fits a man, who wants something from life. The clothes must fit into an adventurous life lived on the basis of wanting to get somewhere in the world.

Lindbergh has three labels: Black, Blue, and White, each representing different focal points. Black label is focused on a formal look and includes many blazers, shirts, and jackets. Blue label is more casual and strongly inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s aviation. The focus here is on jeans and t-shirts that ensure a masculine look. White label is the most fashion forward of the four labels with great focus on the newest trends, clean lines, and simple designs.


Quality  100% Suede

Fit  Slim fit {{ $ctrl.product.Fit.MainText }}

Colour  Brown / BROWN {{ $ctrl.product.CurrentVariant.Color }}

Item no. 30-14005