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Superflex jeans

Our Jeans are inspired by American denim classics and designed for a modern lifestyle. We set out to i nnovate our iconic jeans that are based on solid craftsmanship with a philosophy that great denim lasts forever.

We believe in a life without constraints and that’s why we engineered our SUPERFLEX Jeans which gives you the superior freedom of movement that you deserve.

They are the next generation of super stretch jeans which unique technical abilities

40-45% elasticity in the fabric
Great stretch recovery
Keeps the shape without any sagginess.

Our jeans are also made with the highest attention to details and our designers have meticulously perfected every seam, cutline and trimming so it is made to last.

This is jeans that are meant to be lived in to the fullest, they are a companion along for the ride! We believe that every man should have the denim colour scale covered as part of their essential wardrobe, ranging from smart blacks, greys to more casual indigoes and sun faded blues.

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