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Emil kjær - Co-founder of BACO Café

Introducing Emil Kjær, the ambitious Co-founder of @cafe_baco. He tells about his goals and about opening Café BACO and creating 16 employments within 10 months.⁠

Video: Lindbergh Fashion Stories x BACO café by Emil Kjær

“Your dreams and goals should be so big that your hair rises at the nape of the neck when you talk about them. They need to motivate you and your team. They need to be strong enough to push you when things are tough and not going as planned.”⁠⠀

What inspired you to start the BACO Café?

We saw a market for a bagels and coffee-bar with affordable prices. I have always said since I was 10-12 years old that one day I would be my own boss and run my own business. Back in 2019, the idea and opportunity arose to make BACO, and then we seized it. There was not far from words into action, and from my then two partners and I got the idea it only took 18 days until we held the opening party. And now, within a year we have two coffee-shops and 16 employees.

Photos: Emil Kjær outside his café

What is the best thing about having a base in Aalborg?

Over the past 10 years a lot has happened in the city, and especially in the restaurant industry. Every month new places to eat and drink open in the city, and it is great to see. I would say that the best thing about Aalborg probably is its liveliness, and that you are always close to the center and its possibilities.

Photo: Emil Kjær // @emilkjaer @cafe_baco #lindberghstories #lindberghfashion

What inspired you to the overall style and decor of Café BACO?

The interior of the cafés is kept very casual and simple. It is the idea that there should be room for everyone and everyone should have the desire and affordability to visit us. We also put a great virtue in meeting all our customers at eye level. We are therefore always keen to give something of ourselves as well. All employees contribute to the atmosphere in the coffee-shop, and have their personality in what they do. It is very important for us to tell our customers and the city a little bit about who we are

Emil is wearing Lindbergh Superflex pants

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We have made our coffee shops easy to recognize. The same goes for our packaging. For example, when customers walk in the street with our to-go cup, it's so recognizable that they are actually marketing for us. We know that our customers are our best ambassadors, providing yet another reason to give them a great experience when they visit us.

Photo: Emil Kjær // @emilkjaer @cafe_baco #lindberghstories #lindberghfashion

What is so far the highlight in 2020?

So many cool things have happened, but also challenging things. If I have to pick one thing, it must be the way our customers helped us when the corona crisis was at its highest. We went from having a full café and having signed a lease for the second Café BACO, to the day after losing our entire business base, which are our customers in the café. I am really proud of the way our customers bought gift cards and take-away as well as wrote motivational messages for us.

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If I have to take something positive with me from the crisis, it is that you come out on the other side as a new person. It forces you to become more skilled, see new possibilities, think smarter.

The crisis did not allow us to continue as before. We and our project had to evolve. To this day, I look back on it as something that has made us stronger, smarter, and ready to grow to our full potential.

In addition, the highlight for 2020 has of course also been that we have created 16 jobs in the last 10 months, and that is despite the corona crisis. I'm pretty proud of that too!

Do you have any plans for the future that you want to reveal?

Ihave big dreams and I am not afraid to set goals after growing the BACO concept nationwide over the next few years.

Are we going to make 20 cafés in 3 years? It is not certain. But we only get there if we dare to dream about it!
Your dreams and goals should be so big that your hair at the nape of the neck rises when you talk about them. They need to motivate you and they need to motivate your team. And they need to be strong enough to push you when things are tough and not going as planned.

After all, it has been because of our dreams and goals that we have been able to succeed. This is also why our employees take ownership of what they do, because this is not just a job, but a journey that they take part in!