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A guide to dressing appropriately in the office

What do you mean by business casual for men?

man in chinos and cardigan from Lindbergh sitting on chair
man in chinos and cardigan from Lindbergh sitting on chair

Article: Jens Al-Sheikhali & Ditte Turatti
Published: 14/09 2023
Theme: Guide

With the style Business Casual, you combine the traditional "office uniform" in the form of a suit with several relaxed clothing pieces that you normally wear in your free time. This way, you can create a cool style that works in the office but also gives you a certain casualness. Here you get many great tips for your daily clothing.

Even though you have more freedom here to find your own style, it's still important to strike a balance between not overdoing it and simplicity. Put simply: Keep it basic.

Lindbergh Oxford shirts

The Shirt:

The shirt is always a safe choice in every respect. However, you can leave the tie at home and instead unbutton the top button. But the possibilities don't stop there: Should the shirt be tucked into the pants or not? Do you want to roll up the sleeves? Remember, if you choose to roll up the sleeves, roll them up properly. Regarding colors and patterns, there are no strict rules, but you can never go wrong with the basic colours: White, Blue, Black.

man in white Lindbergh shirt and Performance pants sitting on box

Basic Shirts:

Can you wear a T-shirt in the office? If you follow certain rules, yes! Decide whether it should be a crew neck or V-neck, avoid prints on the T-shirt, and abstract patterns. Wear a blazer over it and leave it open.

If a T-shirt is too casual, you can wear a polo shirt instead. It also fits perfectly with the business casual look. Here, you'll also never go wrong with colours like Grey, Black, Blue.

man in white T-shirt from Lindbergh walking on a street

The Blazer:

Depending on how casual your style is, you can do without a blazer, but it can also do a lot of good by giving a more formal look without appearing too stiff. If you're just wearing a blazer instead of a full suit, you'll achieve that casual yet cool look. Colors that can work here are Beige, Blue, Grey, or Dark Green.

man in blazer

The Sweater:

As we approach the end of the year, it can be too cold to just wear a shirt. Here, a jumper is perfect. It gives you additional warmth and can also hide if you haven't managed to iron your shirt. If you're wearing a shirt underneath, choose one with a button-down collar to control the collar flaps. A T-shirt under the sweater also works great.

man in pullover

The Chino:

A pair of pants that fit like a glove when talking about the Business Casual style are chinos. They are sufficiently elegant and available in many different colours, making it easy to combine them with the rest of your clothing. Make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose. Here, our Superflex Technology is a fantastic solution, which is also available in our chinos. Dress pants offer the same possibilities as chinos and can work just as well, albeit slightly more formal.

If you prefer jeans, make sure they are neither too light, too heavily washed, nor have holes. Keep them dark and plain. Here too, you can benefit from our Superflex Technology.

man in chinos


When it's warm in the summer, but you still want to dress more formally, elegant shorts or chino shorts are a good option. Both have a classic and simple silhouette that pairs easily with shirts or T-shirts and jumpers. While chino shorts are slightly stiffer, the Superflex fabric of elegant shorts is softer and offers ultimate freedom of movement.

man in shorts
  • Shirt
  • Poloshirts or T-Shirts with a Blazer
  • Jumper with a Oxford-Shirt and maybe a Blazer
  • Chinos or Performance Pants
  • Dark Jeans
  • Jeans with holes and a used look 
  • Tank-Tops
  • Bermuda Shorts
  • Too casual T-shirt with pattern and print
  • Sweatpants