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Tested in the vibrant streets of New York, where any situation can arise

Basic essentials: The core of the wardrobe

Vibes i NYC
Vibes i NYC

Article and project: Dennis Stenild and Liv Thorsted 
Published: 28/07 2023
Theme: Inspiration

Wardrobe essentials for the many facets of life

The LB team went exploring in New York's busy city life with many interesting facets and activities - the land of possibilities. Therefore, different attire is necessary depending on what your errand is.

We took our timeless range of essentials with us and tested the durability and comfort of the clothes in ordinary everyday situations and unexpected situations.

Here's our take on the quality styles you need in your wardrobe to be dressed comfortably and stylishly, no matter what your day may bring. They are minimalist in expression, so they can be combined in many ways, depending on your mood and the occasion.

The active everyday life

Maybe you snoozed the alarm a little too long or had a minor morning crisis because the coffee machine broke? No matter what the start of the day has in store for you, most weekday mornings must be quick and efficient, and time is therefore scarce to combine a stylish outfit.

But the The Oxford shirt and a pair of Superflex chinos have your back.

The shirt's soft cotton fabric ensures that you can wear it comfortably all year round - even in an active everyday life, as the natural cotton material is very breathable.

The shirt is designed in an elegant, timeless design that is woven with a distinct texture, making it perfect for both business situations and casual gatherings.⁠

Combine the shirt with a pair of stretchy chinos, which ensure optimal freedom of movement for many errands - the bike ride to and from work, breaks with table football and playing with the children when the working day is over. At the same time, the design is simple and refined, and they therefore suit many styles in the wardrobe.

Our Oxford shirt and Superflex chinos are available in several different colours and designs.


Classics that win every time

You know those days when figuring out what to wear can seem overwhelming? Go with well-known classics that are always tasteful and never go out of fashion - here it is only important that they are made of good quality materials.

One of our take on the perfect basic T-shirt is made in soft, stretchy materials with a combination of 95% cotton and 5% elastane in a slim fit model, so it's easy to add more layers like an overshirt or hoodie. We have a wide range of different T-shirts in different designs, fits and combinations of quality materials.

Combine your basic T-shirt with a pair of classic jeans. Our jeans are made with a Superflex property, which means that stretchable fabrics have been chosen that guarantee you mobility and good movement. The design is what you know, but we have turned up the comfort with innovative technologies.


Performance with style

Imagine a pair of suit pants so comfortable you'd think you were wearing your favorite lounge pants. It is based on that philosophy that our Performance Pants were created, which are now available in many different colors and lengths.

The simple, stylish design makes them suitable for many different occasions. Add a T-shirt like here for a more casual look, if you choose one of our business shirts instead, the outfit will appear more sophisticated and formal.


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