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Forever fashionable – The black suit

Model i sort Lindbergh jakkesæt og hvid Lindbergh skjorte
Model i sort Lindbergh jakkesæt og hvid Lindbergh skjorte

Article: Ditte Laursen Turatti
Published: 16/02 2023
Theme: Inspiration

A black men’s suit is a must-have in every modern man’s wardrobe, and it is the perfect outfit for taking your style to the next level. The black suit is incredibly versatile and can be used for many occasions, both the more casual and the formal.

When can I use a black suit?

If you pay attention to the classic rules, the black suit is only meant for funerals. But times change, and luckily fashion now focuses much more on wearing what makes you feel good rather than what you “should”. And this means that a black suit can be worn both for work and leisure, depending on your style and your styling. Wear a black suit for a job interview or a wedding, or go casual and use it for your next date night or a night out.

Which shirt colour goes with a black suit?

Another perk of using a black men’s suit is that it allows you to style it with almost any type of shirt. Prefer a business look? Pair the black suit with a white or light blue shirt to exude elegance and professionalism. A plain-coloured shirt is usually more formal, but you can also go for elegant stripes. Want to be more casual? Just choose a shirt with a bolder pattern or colour, which will create a cool contrast with the simple suit.

Closeup af model i sort Lindbergh jakkesæt og hvid Lindbergh skjorte
Model i sort Lindbergh jakkesæt og hvid Lindbergh skjorte
Closeup af sort Lindbergh jakkesæt

How do I style a black suit?

Styling a black suit is relatively simple. Because men’s suits are both classical and modern at once, it makes it super easy to style in lots of different ways. You can use the suit trousers by themselves and add a shirt, a tie or a belt, and a pair of leather business shoes. You can also go casual and style the suit jacket with a T-shirt, a pair of jeans and crisp, new sneakers.

What do I need to know before buying a black suit?

Before you get your first black suit, there are some things that are worth keeping in mind: it is important to pick a suit that fits your body type. It is also important to pick a suit that is made of quality materials. And lastly – it is important to pick a suit that has the right cut and fitting for you and the look you want.

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