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The Lindbergh Racing team

Article: Marco Storm Braskov
Published: 22/04 2023
Theme: Inspiration

We met up with Lindbergh Racing Team for a training session just a few weeks before they participated in the European Championship - one of the fastest, most demanding and entertaining sports on water!⁠

These guys are not only team members, they are brothers who share the passion for jet ski. They are ambitious, focused and has an exceptional winning instinct. Committed to the sport, they travel all over the world to participate in races combining speed, skill and sheer raw power.


What inspired you to start sailing Jet ski?
Not sure whether we got inspired, the whole thing “just” started as many other thing for us. Mads, our oldest brother brought an old jet ski in 2014 and we started to play a little bit around with it. Before the summer was over, we had bought four jet ski. In the start it was only for fun, a getaway thing for the three of us, and a way for us to have something together but in time it got more serious.

What is the best thing about the Jet sport?
No doubt the adrenaline kick

What is so far the highlight for Lindbergh Racing Team?We have had a few highlights in the last couple of years some of the biggest must be:
2020: Runabout GP1 European championship where Ramus got a 3rd place.2019: Ski GP3 European championship where Oliver got a 3rd place2018: Runabout GP4 world championship where Rasmus got 2nd place and won the European championship and Nordic Championship in the same class.
Runabout GP4 Oliver won the Junior class in the European championship and Nordic championship and in Ski GP3 he got a 3rd place.

These are some of the biggest titles we have won, but there is a huge difference from when we e.g. did Runabout GP4 in 2018 and until today where we do GP1 as GP1 is the “king class”. It does not get any bigger than that.

In the current world ranking, Rasmus is number 6, Mads number 22 and Oliver is number 9.

What are your goals for the future/ coming events?
It is a little difficult to talk about future events because most of the races has been put on hold due to the COVID-19, but for the 2021 season we hope to have 2 podium spots for the World and - European championship.

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