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Daniel Reith X Lindbergh Stories

Article and project: Marco Storm Braskov 
Published: 13/05 2022
Theme: The Lindbergh Community

Daniel Reith X Lindbergh Stories

We met up with@daniel.reith in Wiesbaden, Germany. ⁠ His dedication and style serve as a constant inspiration for us.⁠ Get to know him in our latest of Lindbergh Stories.⁠ ⁠

LB: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?⁠

DR: I'm Daniel, 34 years, from Wiesbaden, Germany. I used to play as a professional Soccer Player for 13 years before I started working as a model and digital content creator. ⁠ I live with my wife and our daughter, who just turned two years. I'm a home-stay dad and couldn't imagine life to be better and love spending time with my family. I love to go out with friends and have good food and enjoy being in aesthetic surroundings. ⁠

LB: Where does your determination come from and what motivates you in your everyday?⁠

DR: I'm a very positive thinking person and always believe in the good. I see chances in things where others may first see problems. I guess that's what makes me happy all over. I don't give a lot a about what people or society thinks, and believe that true happiness comes from living an authentic lifestyle. ⁠ ⁠

LB: What do you enjoy doing to relax?⁠

DR: I love to have good drinks with people that I love. Having good company is so relaxing to me. ⁠

LB: What is unique about Wiesbaden and where can we find your favourite go-to spots in the city?⁠

DR: I think what is unique about Wiesbaden is the cityscape. We have a lot of old buildings and many parks which makes the life quality very good here. My favorite spots are the castle square at my favorite coffee roastery Kaufmann's. Here we often meet our friends on Saturdays. The weekly food market is just around the corner and is cool to spend time at with my family. I also love the authentic pizzeria Verace, where you can have the best Napoletean Pizza. ⁠⁠

LB: Where do you find inspiration for your style and content?⁠

DR: I think I get a lot of inspiration from other male influencers on Instagram. But also, nice Boutique Hotels that have a very minimalistic aesthetic. ⁠ ⁠

LB: Why is Lindbergh a good match for you?⁠

DR: I love the minimalistic approach the brand has and that you can mix many of the styles. It gives you a very cool basic wardrobe that you can style looks from for every day. Even for a professional business environment.⁠

LB: What’s the 3 most essential pieces in your wardrobe?⁠

DR: A black Blazer, a good pair of cloth pants and some cool sneakers. ⁠⁠

LB: Your best styling tip?⁠

DR: Always make sure to have enough basic pieces that you can use as a base for all styles. Combine them with key pieces and you will always be styled for the right occasion. And: invest your money wise and don't go with fast fashion. ⁠

Thanks for having us over!⁠⁠

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