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Influencer and Agency Co-Founder

Fabian Lück

Man in suit
Man in suit

Article and project: Marco Storm Braskov & Liv Thorsted
Published: 13/08 2023
Theme: The Lindbergh Community

An innovator – Driven by creativity and refined aesthetics

For our latest Lindbergh stories we headed to Hamburg to meet menswear influencer and agency co-founder, Fabian Lück.

Fabian is a longtime collaborator with Lindbergh and we are always inspired by his elevated style that transitions with ease between clean suiting and minimal urban style.

Read our interview with him below and shop his favourite picks. 

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Man walking in mac coat
Man walking in mac coat
Man walking in mac coat


What's your name and occupation?

My name is Fabian Lück. I grew up as a Hamburg based influencer, but founded a marketing agency three years ago, together with two business partners.

It started out with a lot of content production and turned into a 360-degree marketing agency over the last years.

What's great about living in Hamburg?

I grew up a little bit outside of Hamburg, but I moved here like eight or nine years ago.

I love the vibe in Hamburg. It was a very nice step from growing up in a more suburban area to being in an urban environment, that really gave me the opportunity to grow my business here.

Fabian is wearing the mac coat, the oxford shirt and blue jeans

Man in mac coat
man i oxford shirt working
man i oxford shirt working

Three things you can't live without?

Of course, it’s my family and friends, but I think it's much more really the family that’s the base that grounds me, every time again.

Second one is work, because I really live for my work.I really wouldn't or couldn't live without work because I think it gives you a strong sense to stand up every morning.

And third thing, is of course, coffee. Coffee is like the base for every day, be it a flat white with oat milk or good filter coffee.

I think coffee is a key.

Man in oxford shirt
Man in oxford shirt
Man in oxford shirt

How did you get to work in this industry?

I never really knew what I wanted to do, in life, or what career path to choose.

I did a lot of stuff like working in a kindergarten over a year, it was a good time.

Then I met a now close friend of mine who’s a photographer and together we started our first fashion blog in like 2015 or something.

This was my first step into this kind of industry, but we ended the blog after half of a year and I continued staying in this area and did a lot of Instagram stuff and just liked doing photos.

Over the years I got more interested in building up my own Instagram accounts in the fields of fashion, interior design, lifestyle things and then I got much more into the process of production.

- Fabian is wearing the black Technical suit and the white 1927 shirt

Man in suit
Man in suit
Man in suit
Man in suit

After a couple of years, I got much more experience in production, which led to founding a marketing agency together with two business partners called F|DREI Agency, that stands for Felipa, Felix and Fabian.

“The agency combines our strengths and experiences in different fields.”

- Fabian Lück

It started with a lot of content production and now it's a 360-degree marketing agency.

We do concept, strategy, content production and social media and everything around the process. I mainly work in the production area, so I do a lot of productions on site, but also in the post-production area, so I get to do creative stuff every day.

- Fabian is wearing the black Technical suit and the white 1927 shirt

Man in suit
Man in suit
Man in suit
Man in suit

What’s essential in a wardrobe for you?

I think the base in every wardrobe or at least in my wardrobe:

Is a good fitting white t-shirt. It’s really not that easy to find a good fitting t shirt where everything is quite right. The texture of the material important and that it keeps it shape over time.

The second thing is a good fitting black trouser, especially combined with a white t-shirt, it's like something you can wear every day because it's totally timeless. You can combine it very nicely with everything.

I think the third one is a good pair of sneakers, white sneakers or a good pair of black loafers.

You have days where you don't know what to wear and I think then you can always go back to this base.

The Suit

The last key essential in my wardrobe is of course a good fitting suit.

I think, it's something you should always have in your wardrobe, because you can mix it up in a more casual way, like in the everyday situation, but it’s also very important to have for more festive occasions to dress it up.

Everybody has their own definition of a good fitting garment or suit, but I think for me it's quite important, that a suit is more relaxed, but still has a good fit.

It shouldn't fit like a bag or something, but it should be relaxed and comfortable.

- Fabian is wearing the performance suit, the merino knit and the essential white t-shirt.

Man in suit
“I think the cool and interesting thing about a suit, is that it always gives you this very nice look, so you don't really have to do much - It's the magic of a suit.”

- Fabian Lück

Man in suit
Man in suit
Man in suit

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