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Menswear influencer

Jesper Søndergaard


Article and project: Marco Storm Braskov
Published: 17/08 2021
Theme: The Lindbergh Community

For our latest Lindbergh Stories, we went for walk around Århus with Menswear connoisseur and influencer Jesper Søndergård Krogh.

Read our interview with him and find his favourite Lindbergh pieces for Fall.

Hi, my name is Jesper Søndergård Krogh. I am 30 years old and have lived in Århus the last 10 years. I mainly work as a social campaign manager for a marketing agency called bSocial and have been with them for 1,5 years. Besides this I run my Instagram account @Jespersoendergaard where I live out my dream of working with exciting brands within menswear, like in this collaboration with Lindbergh, where I will be curating the Story today.

When did your interest in menswear start and your life as a fashion influencer?
I’ve always had a big interest in fashion which goes far back. I was fascinated with it when I was younger, but as a teenager it was hard to afford the style that I was really into. It was only in my mid-twenties, when I started working a full-time job, that I could focus more on the style that I thought represented me.

Around that time, I also started looking particularly at influencers from Sweden on Instagram, that had this sophisticated and clean-cut style. This really inspired me to make my account and create my own vision for this. I am also passionate about working with brands that I admire and saw Instagram as a way of connecting with them, which motivated me to start making quality content.

How would you describe your style?
When I started my page, I was really inspired by Italy. I was only into suits and always wore a classic hat. I think this distinct look was partially why I gained so many followers - because I stood out and was different from what you would normally see in the North. Since then, my style has evolved, and I also experiment with streetwear elements and now it’s a mix of classic menswear and modern silhouettes.

How would you describe your style?
I usually find inspiration from different sources. I like to look at other influencers from Sweden, France and Italy, that resonate with my own style. The Swedish are a bit more classic and sophisticated whereas the French have a more streetwear approach. I like to look at both styles and combine them in new ways.
It's also always nice to see the latest editorial in Euroman and fashion magazines and I like to look at interior magazines for colour and texture combinations. My style is also reflected in my home and you can see that I like to use a quite muted colour palette, derived from a Nordic aesthetic, but also to twist it occasionally with an exciting splash of colour.
I also look at a selection of fashion brands and follow them to see how they styled the new collections in creative ways.
These are probably the 3 main sources of inspiration for my style.

Tell us a bit about your selection from today's shoot?
I chose them because they fit perfectly into my current wardrobe. I mainly went for styles that had a bit softer colours and are a bit subdued. The green suit is probably the one that pops most, but still has a dusty and understated look.

When I was looking at your site, I was mainly drawn to your suit selection which was a really nice fit for my style, so most of the looks you’ll see are made up of 3 suits from your range that i really like.

Besides that, I found two business shirts, in classic white, to go with them and finish off the look. One of them had black contrast buttons, which I feel like added a red thread in the details, when paired with the black suit.
I also went for some casual styles, like the linen shirt in mint, paired with a pair of comfortable minimal trousers in black, for a fresh summer look.

Where are your favourite spots in Århus?
I think that it's absolutely amazing near the Marselisborg Castle and its surrounding area in Frederiksbjerg. If I had to choose only one place, then that would be my favourite because of the completely idyllic setting where you can see the beautiful forests, the beach, castle and just walking along “Strandvejen'' next to the impressive villas on the way there. We also have some great spots downtown in the Latin quarter which have a lot of atmosphere and are really great for café trips.

See more style inspiration from Jesper here

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