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Content Creator

Kevin Schertl

Article and project: Marco Storm Braskov
Published: 29/10 2021
Theme: The Lindbergh Community

Kevin Schertl X Lindbergh Stories

For our latest story we teamed up with @blvckxkev. Get to know him and shop his favourite AW21 Lindbergh styles via our instagram shop.

What’s your name and profession?
My name's Kevin. I'm from Cologne and I'm a content creator. ⁠

What motivates and inspires you?
My passion is photography, fashion and I also love to travel. Most of the time I can combine these 3 points in my daily life. ⁠ I just love to go out walking down the street and take pictures of buildings or people or if I really like someone’s style, I will photograph it, because it's a big influence for me to look at people's street style. ⁠

What's one of the highlights of your outfit?⁠
The green wool coat is definitely one of my favorites. You can easily combine it with classy and street styles. It’s an eye-catcher for every FW Look.⁠

"I create content for fashion brands because I want to show my personal style. I also create content for drinks and interior advertisements. I really like to make my own set up. For example, at home, I build my studio and take pictures for whatever you can imagine. ⁠⁠

My mentality is that you must always try and experiment, if you don’t, you won’t get a good result. Of course, I also make mistakes, It's normal, but it brings you further forward."

What's one of the highlights of your outfit?⁠⁠
The blue quilted jacket is an essential for cold and windy days. It keeps me warm while having a walk on the riverside. The. color matches denim styles perfectly. ⁠⁠

How would you describe your style?
It’s difficult to describe my style, since it changes a lot. Sometimes I feel I like wearing a cool vintage jacket and other times I really want to suit up in a nice blazer or just go out with my sweatpants in sneakers.⁠⁠

I like to combine street style with retro styles. It's very different from day to day - So it's always kind of moving and like a feeling for me.⁠⁠ My style is influenced from the streets, from urban culture - and of course, I'm also influenced by social media too, like Instagram. It can be influenced by nearly everything. ⁠

@blvckxkev is wearing the Black bomber jacket, Black superflex jeans and Grey merino knit for Lindbergh Stories. ⁠

What is some of your favourite styles from the AW21 collection?⁠
I really like the cord outfit I’m wearing in the editorial, for me cord styles are a must have for the FW season. The color tones are also a perfect match for a sunny autumn day. ⁠

What makes Cologne special?
Cologne has a lot of different areas and different cultures. For this shoot we've been to an urban spot with street art and rough places. We also been to the harbour area that is very clean and has a lot of modern buildings, so there is a big diversity in environments. ⁠

I love the culture in Cologne. For me, culture is like to sit after a good workday in the bar and have a have a coffee or a beer. I really like Cologne because you can go in the streets, you can meet each other accidentally and have a chat, have a have a drink together, and then just walk in another direction, and run into another friend on the street. ⁠ ⁠It's really the people that are very friendly and open minded and this is what I like most about Cologne. ⁠

Shop his favourite AW21 Lindbergh styles here

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