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1927 Shirt Line Ambassador

Philip Conradsson


Article and project: Marco Storm Braskov & Liv Thorsted
Published: 22/11 2022
Theme: The Lindbergh Community

We are proud to present the ambassador for our 1927 Shirt Line.

On an autumn day in Stockholm, we met fashion consultant @Philip Conradsson.

With his extensive experience in the fashion industry, where trends change all the time, for Philip it's about making responsible choices. His wardrobe contains staples of good quality that stands the test of time.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Philip Conradsson, I am 29 years old and work as a fashion writer, consultant, and influencer.

How is it living in Stockholm?

I absolutely love it. I moved to Stockholm when I was 19 years old after graduating from high school and I haven’t regret it for one day. It’s hard picking out just a few things, but the pulse, the people, and the high standard of living are definitely a few of them. It’s also a beautiful city in many ways and the closeness to the water and beautiful architecture is something I think of and appreciate every single week.  

Me and my family live in the area Vasastan which I would say it’s an ideal match for us. It’s a bit calmer here compared to the city centre but still just a 20-minute walk from the busiest areas. We have a few of our favourite spots here such as restaurant Tennstopet and Grus Grus or Cafe Pascal where we normally go with our son for traditional Swedish fika.


Why are you passionate about menswear and what made you choose this career path?

I’ve been working with clothes for as long as I can remember. My family had a clothing store back in my hometown when I was younger, and I worked there as much as I could when I wasn’t in school or played football. 

I know that my interest in clothing/menswear started there and the experience of working with both international and Scandinavian brands at that age really helped a lot. Some of the brands we sold were Acne Studios, Tommy Hilfiger, Filippa K, Tiger of Sweden to name a few and early on I had the wonderful opportunity to come to buying trips in Stockholm which helped me understand the industry. Truly thankful for those years.  

I later moved to Stockholm when I was 19, I started working for a Swedish clothing brand called Morris Stockholm. After a few years there I got the opportunity to start writing for Metro and then later King Magazine as an online editor within fashion and menswear. Today I mostly do freelance work, consulting, and social media.


As a menswear enthusiast can you tell us what is an essential in a contemporary wardrobe?

The shirt is for sure one of the most important pieces in every man’s wardrobe since it works for almost every occasion or time of the day. For me, it’s all about quality, fit, and the overall finishes when it comes to details such as collars and buttons. I like to wear shirt both formally and casually. 

It’s one of the most versatile pieces in the wardrobe, particularly in a white or light blue colour. The life span of a shirt is definitely important and actually a receipt of how good quality the shirt actually has. There is also the reason that cotton is the most used fabric in terms of durability for a classic business shirt that should last long if taken good care of it. 

For me the premium 1927 shirt from Lindbergh tick off all boxes of what I want in a good business shirt.

- Philip Conradsson

The 1927 Shirt Line

It’s made in a really great quality that is also soft to the body, a contemporary fit with a proper cutaway collar that goes well with or without a tie.

For me, the premium 1927 shirt is really good value for the money.

Shop Philip's favourites

A selection of timeless essentials


How does a normal workday go by?

What I love about my job is that a normal day never looks the same, it all depends on the ongoing projects I’m currently working on. Some days I shoot a campaign with my photographer for a full day, another one is just meetings, a trip with a client, or a full office day. I guess that is why I never get bored with my job. 

I worked with both international and Scandinavian brands over the years such as Ralph Lauren, Hacket, Eton, Oscar Jacobson to name a few. The most important thing for me in a collaboration is that it feels genuine and that I can relate to, appreciate, and stand for the brands values in all ways. 


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