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Style up your look with elegant chinos

Model i grå Lindbergh chinos og lyseblå Lindbergh skjorte
Model i grå Lindbergh chinos og lyseblå Lindbergh skjorte

Article: Ditte Laursen Turatti
Published: 20/01 2023
Theme: Inspiration

Chinos for men are a must-have! It is a classic item that is incredibly easy to style with almost everything you already have in your wardrobe. The design is elegant and timeless, and the light-weight fabric and feel of a pair of men’s chinos makes it a winner every time.

What are chinos?

The basic question – what exactly are chinos? They were invented to be part of a military uniform, which explains the simple look and the classic chino colours: army, sand, and navy. But just because chinos for men first appeared in the army, it doesn’t mean you have to go full military style to wear them. Chinos have integrated into everyday fashion, and if you don’t already own a pair, we strongly advise you to go and get one!

Why should I wear chinos?

Chinos are really great: they are light and comfortable due to the cotton fabric. Men’s chinos are generally available in lots of different colours, and they are extraordinarily easy to style up and down. A shirt gives a more formal look while a knitted pullover makes you look both put together.

Model i brune Lindbergh chinos og sort Lindbergh overshirt
Closeup af army Lindbergh chinos
Model i cremefarvede Lindbergh chinos og cremefarvet Lindbergh skjorteskjorte

Which colour chinos should I get?

If you’re not looking to make a statement with your trousers, there are several subdues colour options when you wear chinos. Some of the most common colours are black, grey, navy, and khaki. If you want show your unique side, go for a pair of colourful chinos. Choose light blue, red or orange to really show some personality.

How should I style chinos?

There are almost no limits when it comes to styling chinos – they work equally well in the office, on a date and for a party. If you want to wear your chinos for a work day, style them with a T-shirt or a casual shirt and add a pair of sneakers. Want to go casual? Swap the shirt with a hoodie or a sweatshirt. Going for a formal event? Style your chinos with a business shirt, a blazer and a pair of quality leather loafers.

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