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Chinos, club pants, or classic trousers?

On this page you will find several different types of trousers for men. We primarily have trousers made of cotton and similar materials, such as the classic chino or modern club pants. Visit our other sites, if you are looking for jeans or suit trousers.

Which type of trousers should you pick?
At Lindbergh, we are very dedicated to making quality trousers. But at the same time we never compromise on wearability and design. This means you can always be sure to get a pair of cool and stylish trousers when you shop with us.

We have classic men’s trousers in cotton or corduroy – these are a perfect fit with a simple shirt or knitted jumper. If you are looking for a more urban day-to-day look, we also have the ever stylish chino pants in both classic subdued and modern colours. The urbane sense of style is especially evident in the more fitted models that also go great with a cool T-shirt.

Performance pants
When buying trousers, the design is not the only important factor. Fit and comfort are equally important, which is why we have several types of performance pants at Lindbergh. Choose our club pants – the perfect mix of usability and style – if you are looking for a great pair of trousers that work equally well at the office and at the bar.

Are you more the jeans-type? No worries, we also have our Superflex jeans – jeans with great stretch effect that does not lose their shape over time. Superflex is a unique innovation, as the extra stretch makes the jeans extra comfortable. In these jeans you get 100% freedom of movement, extraordinary stretch, and a timeless design.

Size guide and fittings
The most fashionable choice you can make is finding trousers that fit your body type. That’s why we have several different types of fittings available – so we can bring the best out in every man.

Loose fit says it all in the name: the fitting gives you plenty of room for movement and doesn’t sit tight anywhere on the legs. A very informal, sporty look

Regular fit is a classic, comfortable fitting for the man who doesn’t want his trousers to be too tight but also wants a less informal look than a loose fit will give him: straight legs and a regular waist

Slim fit is our favourite fitting, because it works so well in almost all situations. You get the urban look in a snug fitting that emphasizes your legs.

Cropped fit is the most modern fitting of the four. Cropped fit trousers are generally tight and with a view of the ankles. Perfect for summer or for showing of those cool socks in winter.

If you need extra help finding the right size, try our size guide. If you know how to measure, it is easy to find your perfect size and fitting from home.

Many of our trousers are easy to style in a variety of ways, making them a super flexible part of your wardrobe. We especially love chinos, because they are easy to style for both the office and for a party. Choose your favourite colour and combine with a printet tee, a knitted sweater, or a plain-coloured shirt.

For formal occasions, nothing beats a pair of suit trousers with a nice blazer. Wear them with a printet shirt or a pullover for the slightly less dressed-up parties.

Or try the modern corduroy pants – they make you effortlessly cool. But don’t forget that they trousers work best as the focal point of your outfit. So choose a simple, discreet jumper to match.

Shop online at Lindbergh
We know that shopping for clothes online can be difficult – especially when looking for trousers. With our size guide and selection of fittings, we have tried to make it as easy for you as possible. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact our customer service. And remember – you get free shipping on orders above €49, fast delivery, and 365 days return.